Frequently Asked Questions

What am I entitled to as an owner?

As an Owner with Ledger Racing you are entitled to naming rights of your horse, race day entry, member’s tickets, mounting yard access, promotional gear and invitational open days.

How much will the training fees cost me per month?

Monthly expenses will vary depending on amount of, and location of race starts, veterinary expenses, track fees etc... An estimate for a racehorse in full work with one local race start for the month would be as follows*;

Monthly estimate for 100% (training 31 days) = $3000 + GST
Monthly estimate for 10% (training 31 days) = $300 + GST
Monthly estimate for 5% (training 31 days) = $150 + GST

Monthly estimate for 100% (agistment 31 days) = $760 + GST
Monthly estimate for 10% (agistment 31 days) = $76 + GST
Monthly estimate for 5% (agistment 31 days) = $38 + GST

*prices current as of April 2017 and will vary depending on number of race starts.

How are my expenses billed to me?

All Owners will be billed directly from Ledger Racing in arrears on a monthly basis for all training costs whilst your horse is in training, your bill will be itemised and detailed outlining all costs incurred for the month.

When your horse is spelling you will receive a bill from Adrian Park Agistment, this agistment property is owned and operated by the Ledger family however this is a stand alone entity.

From time to time you will receive a bill direct from the veterinary practice engaged to perform work on your horse, this is sent out directly to the owners as this allows owners transparency and a point of contact for any queries regarding services or medications rendered.

What happens if I don't want to be an owner anymore?

Thoroughbred ownership is a commitment to your horse that you will be responsible for any expenses incurred by them during the course of their racing career. We do however recognise that there may be occasions which arise whereby an owner is no longer in a position or desires to fulfil this responsibility.

We encourage all owners to engage in private arrangements to transfer their ownership responsibility when these situations occur and will be on hand to offer consultation on the necessary documentation and lodgement.

If an owners is unable to make private arrangements Ledger Racing does provide an option in certain circumstances where you may relinquish your ownership responsibility to the stable. The stable account will absorb your responsibility in your horse for a one off abandonment fee; transfering all ownership rights, responsibilities and future expenses to the stable as of the date of transfer.

What happens when my horse retires?

At the end of your thoroughbreds racing career if they are not going to pursue stud duties and have been assessed as a viable prospect to be transitioned into a retraining/rehoming program the first option will always be available and encouraged for the registered owners to assume the responsibility to adopt or rehome their horses privately.

For those horses unable to be rehomed privately Ledger Racing offers a retraining program where the horse will stay with Ledger Racing at the conclusion of its racing career and be re-educated and eventually rehomed into the equestrian community.
Entry into this program is a one off retirement fee charged on the final training account.